Sherwood (Inform 7, PC, 2009)

Sherwood (Inform 7)

Time-frame of project: Fall 2009

Project status: complete

Role: Lead Designer/Lead Programmer

About: Created as a Two-week project in my Intro to Computational Media class, Sherwood is a text-based Interactive Fiction game created on the Inform 7 language.

Sherwood is actually one of my proudest accomplishments as a game-creator as I was able to plan on a perfectly scaled project for the amount of time given to complete it. I was able to finish it just on time and also successfully playtest it before turning it in.

Players assume the role of one Lewis Walcott, a shy librarian shopping at a supermarket. Players must dodge being in the same shopping aisle as Dora, the girl Lewis is crushing on, and interact with a few NPC characters that highlight Lewis’ shyness, until ultimately having a life-changing epiphany in the game’s climax.


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