Plasmodium (GBA ROM, 2009)

Plasmodium (GBA)

Time-frame of project: Fall 2009

Project status: complete

Video Footage:

Role: Lead Designer/Lead Programmer

About: Created over a 6-week period in my Media Device Architecture class, Plasmodium was my first time creating an entire game from scratch by myself. A pretty small-scale game, I learned just as much about hitting deadlines as I did about design and programming.

The game is what I guess would best be described as a “2D action-survival” game. The player controls a small cross-shaped sprite on a single screen as he or she tries to destroy enemy circles on screen without dying. The player moves around with the D-pad and can press the A button to “stomp”, which is needed to hit the white circles on screen. The player destroys enemies to increase their score, and as time goes on the game becomes harder and harder, similar to dual-joystick shooters such as Geometry Wars.

There are four enemy types in the game. The first are white “wandering” circles that move aimlessly through the screen and do no hurt the player but can be stomped on for points and leave an explosion. If any enemy in the game contacts this explosion (including other white circle enemies), they will be destroyed. The second enemy type is a red “bouncing” enemy that bounces off of walls. The red enemy will kill the player if it touches the player unless the player is in a “stomp” state, making it possible for players to dodge these enemies if they play carefully. An orange “orbiting” enemy works very similar but has a different movement algorithm: instead of bouncing off the walls, orange enemies circle the edge of the screen. Finally there is a grey enemy that moves very similarly to white circles, but will kill the player if the player stomps on them, making the player need to be weary of mistakenly stomping on one of them.


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