Mermaids (Unity Web Player, 2011-2012)

Mermaids (Unity)

Time-frame of project: Summer 2011 – Spring 2012

Project status: My contributions are complete, but the game is still in progress

Official website:

Role: Designer

About: Mermaids is an on-going project at the Emergent Game Group at Georgia Tech. It is a non-combat, emergent-behavior oriented MMO game for PC about an ancient mermaid civilization.  I joined the team in 2011 and helped design the eco-system in the game. Players are responsible for restoring a destroyed ecosystem in the game-world, and must learn to delicately balance the ecosystem to ensure that it thrives. Players must plant underwater plants or coral, herd fish, stop overpopulation, and ensure that foreign elements do not destroy parts of the ecosystem.

While working on this project I was working in a design team ranging from 3-12 people at all time, and have acquired a good deal of group design experience. I also learned the basics of modeling and texturing in Maya, as well as how to program in Unity.

I also helped designed the demo quest of the game that was on display at Mercon 2011 in Los Vegas.

For my capstone project for the spring of 2012, I was in a small team of students that designed and implemented the spell-casting system for the game. Spell-casting in the game revolves around a gesture-recognition system, as players are required to draw different symbols that correlate to different spells in order to cast them. I was mainly in charge of designing and implementing the control scheme, but also helped with spell symbol design and gesture-recognition coding. A more detailed overview of my work on the project can be found here:


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