Anti Turret (Unity3d Web Player, Spring 2012)

Anti Turret (Unity3d Web Player)

Time-frame of project: Spring 2012 (4 week project)

Project status: complete

Play game here:

Role: Game and Level Designer, Programmer


I helped create Anti Turret in my Video Game Design class. It was a group project and was our first project to be made in Unity3d.  Our only requirement was that we needed to utilize the physics engine of Unity3d for everything that moved. The game is a pretty standard 3rd person shooter with a lot of place-holder art (our team had no artists and we were not required or expected to use much original art at all). Players navigate a 3d world populated with gun turrets that will shoot at the player if they see him or her. The player can shoot these turrets with their standard gun or throw grenades or place time bombs to destroy them. The game utilizes pick-ups for ammo and health to help make the gameplay a little more tactical and thoughtful than it would be otherwise.

Besides doing various programming tasks on the game (such as the AI for the gun turrets), I was largely responsible for the level design in the game. This was my first foray into doing level design for 3d environments, and it was a lot of fun. Near the end of the project it was apparent that the movement was very floatey (because of how we utilized the physics engine for movement), and so I tried to add in some extra platforming elements to the levels to add variety and break-up the action (and allow for new sorts of action as some parts require the player to avoid fire from turrets while platforming).

Because of the limited time frame that we had for the project, the only user-testing I was able to do with the levels was to watch my teammates play the levels after I designed or altered them. I tried to make sure that they always knew where to go and I wanted to balance the difficulty out so that players never felt way too overwhelmed or too bored by lack of challenge. It was very fun for me to balance out the level design so that players never felt fatigued or bored.

You can play the game and read our post-mortem on the project here:


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